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Finding Good

Jan 5, 2020

There are four levels of motivation in life. What's yours, and how does it affect the way you achieve your dreams?

Dec 28, 2019

Most of us love making New Year's Resolutions, but sometimes we have a hard time bringing them to fruition. In this episode, I give six steps for how to make those resolutions come true.


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Dec 23, 2019

Travel is more than just fun. It's also therapeutic. In this episode, I talk about all the different ways that travel is a therapy.


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Dec 14, 2019

Welcome to my new podcast! I've launched Finding Good to talk about all the good in the world. There's too much criticism, fault-finding and bad news about. I want to focus on the good. This is my first episode, giving an explanation of how I got started on my current path in life. Don't forget to give me feedback, and...